Help, assistance, aid

When I write, I find I have the problem, trouble, misfortune of reusing the same old words over and over again.  Thankfully, my dictionary (I am also a terrible speller) and thesaurus are always, constantly, forever by my side.  But, if I were only permitted one writing tool, implement, utensil, my dog-eared paperback of synonyms would be it.  I absolutely love, adore, worship this book of similar words.  Recently though, I was introduced to an alternative, different, substitute option.  A fellow member of my writing group recommended, suggested, proposed Flip Dictionary by Barbara Ann Kipfer.

Available new from for $13.72, it is billed as the handy, useful, practical guide for those writers who know what they want to say but not how to say it.  A look, peek, glimpse inside shows 704 pages of common and uncommon word replacements (as well as lists of topic oriented terminology.)   
Is it as wonderful, brilliant, amazing as all of the five-star reviews state?  (A couple do argue, counter, debate it is no more than a "reverse dictionary.")  Will it really, truly, honestly suggest a wider range of substitutes for my many typical repetitive words like certainly, relax, and decide?  I look forward to, count on, anticipate receiving my copy next Tuesday.
I will let you know if it is a resource worth purchasing, buying, acquiring.