Moving Pictures

Reading and writing go hand in hand…with the cinema.  An author has a great idea for a story and writes it down.  The book is published.  A lone reader picks it up and enjoys it immensely…then another and another until finally the idea to make it into a movie is broached.  Soon, scripts are written, roles are cast, tickets and popcorn are bought and the story springs to life before the eyes of audiences around the world.  Sometimes the movies are far better, but other times the story is done a great injustice by poor acting or changes to the plot.  That is always disappointing.    
Either way, I can’t help but wonder what sparkle in a story ensures it will make a good movie?  Drama? The “triumph of human spirit”?  Suspense?  Blood and guts?  Romance?  Humor?  Can any good read make a great movie? 

My love for reading is only slightly overshadowed by my adoration of a good flick.  I don’t have a top ten list, because there are far too many greats.  But, a few notables are as follows:
~The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter movies are pure eye candy.  I haven’t read all of the books but can sit down and watch any of the movies, at any part of the movie, and be swept away from the real world.
~Stephen King movies (Less Lawnmower Man.  Blech!  What were they thinking?!  Thank God he sued.)  All have not been award winning film making.  But, because I love King, most were worth my time and money – some more than others – especially The Shining, Carrie, The Dead Zone, The Green Mile, It, Misery (I'm your biggest fan!)…
~Here is an assortment of my personal favorites in no particular order.  Don't analyze me, please: Full Metal Jacket (adapted from The Short-Timers by Gustav Hasford), The Good Earth (Pearl S. Buck), Imitation of Life (Fannie Hurst), A Clockwork Orange (Anthony Burgess), Joy Luck Club (Amy Tan), and The Caine Mutiny (Herman Wouk).   
Now, it's time for you to buy some Jujubes and tell me which adaptations have moved you?