Monday, August 22, 2011

So many excuses…

…so little time. 
I need to write.  I want to write, but I keep finding reasons to distract myself.  If writing were my paid occupation, I would do it and not let myself be sidetracked by laundry, kids, cooking, garden, turkeys and all the rest of my 101 excuses.  But it’s not my job (yet).
I recently read that those who do not make writing their priority will not succeed.  But I want to.  Succeed, that is.
Set a goal.  One hour a day?  Three?  What is right for me?  What is right for you?  How do you stay focused?  Do you give yourself breaks?  Should I give myself breaks?  Weekends?  Time off?  Or should I write something, even a little, every day.  On the computer, in a journal, on scraps of paper, napkins or Post-Its?
This weekend we had company and the next two will probably be spent camping or swimming at the lake cabin – or otherwise enjoying the last bits of summer.  Do I take time during these to write?
I know one thing.  Unless I make a plan, I won’t ever finish.  But I want to.  Finish my story, that is.  So, I need to stop making excuses.
According to my good friend Ben (Franklin), “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” 

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