Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Don’t judge a house…

The new home we bought is deceptively small looking from the outside.  Inside is another story – literally.  Below the split level half that holds the bedrooms is a finished, sun-lit basement.   Although most is a single large room, I was surprised to find (after I’d lived here more than a week) a home office behind door number four.  I guess I assumed it was another closet…but we all know what happens when we ASS U ME…
When I finally found my little Narnia with its built in desk and the view of the underneath side of a huge Japanese maple and a red rhododendron bush, I instantly thought, “library,” and wedged in the two 8’ book cases and stuffed them full of books.  (I have a TON of books)
However, after reading Stephen King’s On Writing, it dawned on me that I had the perfect space for what King deems a writing necessity -  a dedicated, isolated place to practice one's craft.  So, yesterday, I finished hauling out the boxes containing the 31 volume 1988 Encyclopedia Britannica (what the HELL were we thinking?!), the extra pieces from the ultra-plush “teddy bear brown” carpet we installed in the basement, and a couple dozen boxes of VHS tapes (do we even still have a VCR?) and declared the space Fit To Work In.

It still needs a bit more work - as you can see - but, in celebration, I’m headed down there now to get writing in My Very Own Writing Space.    


  1. What a great bonus to find a space so perfect to write in! I'm so jealous. lol You'll enjoy having a quiet place to work.

  2. I don't know why it took me almost a year to realize it could and should be *mine*! I'm so excited at the potential...I hope you find a cozy nook soon...

  3. Yeah... what the Hell were you thinking! Oh wait... I said the same thing 40 years ago when we bought our set. My ex-wife has them now. I get to see them when I go over to her house. But look at it this way... just looking at them empowers you with so much knowledge... and now it's in that black screen on your 'writer's desk'! Just looking out the window will transport you to a different world. Nice place to create.

    1. Thanks for reading, Ted. It really does make me feel like I am "going to work" when I head down there. As for the encyclopedias, we were newlyweds and dumb kids and were easily sucked in my a smooth salesman. We bought them for "the kids" (that we didn't have from another seven years). He gave us a FREE press board bookshelf too, don't you know! Ah well...they make great doorstops now. ha!


  4. I love the wood wainscoating! Your writerly space looks like a space I'd really enjoy. Always wanted a basement :) A sunlit one seems especially nice.