Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Drive time

I am also a car enthusiast…heck, enthusiast is not quite the right word.  Freak might be more like it.  I’ve owned 20 cars and currently have four – 2 toys and 2 daily drivers.  My dream car of cars is a Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe.  Unfortunately, they are few and far between.  Nevertheless, I can dream. 

I was thinking about the word “drive” today, and it doesn’t only apply to luxury automobiles.  It also addresses personal motivation.  I wrote on Friday that I want to see my book on the library shelf.  But, there’s more.  Other reasons include to get the story out of my head – to see how it ends – to share it with others – to speak my mind uninterrupted.
But, even that is not 100% of the truth.  Another motive is not nearly as honorable.  I would love to be paid to write again.  I have a head full of ideas and stories, and I think they are good.  I can actually see myself as a professional fiction author.  However, I'm not greedy - I don’t fantasize about being filthy rich.  Well, that’s not entirely true either – that Daytona costs big bucks.  But, I’d like to make a living doing something I enjoy…and I enjoy writing. 
Why do you want to be published?  Money?  Fame?  A Pulitzer?  I think, in order to write – and to write effectively, we have to honestly identify our motivation.
What drives you?  


  1. I write just because. Not much more to it than that.

  2. It depends on what I am writing, I think. I'll admit, I often write in the hopes that someone somewhere will get enjoyment from my words...sadly, I've never learned to write "for myself..."

  3. Well, King wrote "Eye of the Dragon" for his daughter, because she didn't like horror, but it was probably for himself as a father, trying to please his princess. Just my two cents, but if you can't write for yourself, it may be a tough grind. It's like doing a job you don't like or love.

  4. I do find writing to be very satisfying...if not pleasurable