Friday, November 18, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #1 I was reading a fellow writer's blog. She wrote a short piece – precisely 100 words – dubbed "flash fiction."  This shortest of the short story ideally should be the first thing that pops into the writers mind.  Some are 300 words, some are more and some are far less.  Most seem to be less than 1,000 words.  Flash fiction is designed to be precise and concise and perhaps train the writer to not waste words – to make each and every one count for something.  I know I can be rather wordy when I write and took the micro-fiction challenge.  As a note, I also only gave myself 30 minutes to complete the piece.
Presenting for your critical review, my first attempt at fiction in a flash!
She watched the iridescent droplets of oil undulate on the surface of her coffee, but her mind was elsewhere.  Why had she agreed to go on the buying trip with Bill?  The fact that their divorce was amicable did little to temper her worries.  They divided the marital assets but neither wanted to resign from the textile firm they’d started two decades ago.  Managing to stay out of each other’s way hadn’t been difficult, but this latest crisis changed the rules.  And now she was headed back to Bali with him to the very place where it had all begun.

I challenge you to give it a try.  You too might be surprised at what you can come up with.  I sure never thought I would write anything this close to a romance...
Check out  my inspiration for this project


  1. You are so sweet to link me!

    Link your post in the comment section on my blog and at Madison Wood's and then check out the other #fictioneers posts! Hers is

    I loved your flash. There is so much intensity in so few words. I could feel the wide range of emotions!

  2. Thanks for reading! I'll post my link now. #fictioneers is the twitter tag?!

  3. That could be the start to an entire novel. Very nicely done, and great use of your words. You said a lot and only used 100 :) Hope to see you back next week!

    #FridayFictioneers is the one I use to find and RT our group, but I've seen #fictioneers and #100words in some of my own posts, too.

  4. Great news because this was fun! I have a real novel in the works but have hit a wall during the editing process. This flash fiction will help keep my writing brain stimulated while I figure out what is next.

  5. Dear Susan,

    I'm on board the Madison Woods express. Your story was well written and piqued my curiosity. Oil on the surface of her coffee? I thought that only happened on submarines. Interesting.



  6. It happens on ships too - haha. Actually the darker the roast, the oilier the bean - hence the slick on the surface of the coffee (I LOVE a dark roast). I was staring at my coffee this morning comtemplating the 100-word story and voilà. Seriously though, thank you for the read and the comment - I look forward to playing with next week's "assignment."

  7. Unfinished business...and going back to the place it started, nice cycle, Robin

  8. Thank you! I love it when an idea works - especially when someone other than me thinks so too.