Flash Fiction Friday #2

Photo courtesy of Madison Woods
I found a good group on twitter after last week’s – uh…week before last’s – flash fiction post.  (I was stuffing myself with stuffing last week.)  Madison Woods (@Madison_Woods) posts a picture weekly and asks that the #Fictioneers write exactly 100 words related to or inspired by the Picture of the Week and post their work on their own blog, on twitter under #FlashFriday, and as a link on her blog (http://MadisonWoods.wordpress.com) for others to comment on and compare. 
Since my foot is philosophically stuck in a bear trap as far as progress on my full work of fiction (but I refuse to chew it off), I find this to be a great exercise to keep my mind in motion.  (Exercise my writing muscles). 
I encourage you to try it and keep those creative juices flowing, so to speak.  Speaking of juice, I need to go get another cup of extract of Coffea arabica.    
Here’s this week’s offering.  It is a bit depressing…
I sat beside my great-grandmother's bed and gazed through the woods framing the window of her small room.  Her fragile hands were in mine, but we did not speak.  I, because there was no need.  She, because her mind had long ago folded in upon itself.  In the quiet, I thought about everything she’d taught me – to bake, to garden, to love Jesus, to be a lady.  She was a mother to me when I had none.  I would miss her. 

I watched as another of the golden-hued leaves fell to the ground to make room for next year’s foliage.