Flash Fiction Friday #3

I’m grateful for this week’s Flash Fiction Friday photo challenge.  My other writing has been too somber and serious and introspective of late.  I enjoyed writing something silly and funny for a change – which is truer to my nature.  I ultimately have an enormous and not so slightly warped sense of humor.  Someday I might write a longer piece just for laughs.  In the meantime, here’s a little light-hearted humor in my third installment of Flash Fiction.
Photo courtesy of Madison Woods

Memaw hung up the phone and put on her pinched face.  Uncle Darryl was coming for a visit.  He was her little brother - not that she wanted to claim him most times.  He was a bit “touched” as Papaw would say.  We kids, on the other hand, loved his curious ways.  While the calendar put him at 26, the emptiness in his head made him a child.  Last time, we played hide-and-go-seek all day before he almost burned down the barn.  This time we would find better games and hope Memaw put the matches and kerosene high and away.