Friday, December 16, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #4

Photo courtesy of Madison Woods

Greta woke to the grayness of dawn.  Time to rise, though she had no use for this day.  This Christmas day.  One year ago, her Henry had gone to his final rest.  She righted herself with a grunt, slipped her feet into her worn scuffs, and made her way to the kitchen. 
She lit the stove and set out a single cup and a tin of tea.  At the sink, the copper kettle fell from her hand without notice.  By the grandfather clock, long ago run down, stood a tree bedecked from tip to toe with twinkling lights and ornaments.


  1. Ha! I liked that surprise :) This left me with a sense of happiness - thanks, Susan. Glad to see you again this week! We will skip next week, so hope to see you again the week after Christmas.

  2. Thanks for reading, Madison. Christmas is a time for little surprises around every corner...

  3. Dear Susan,

    Greta and Gramps, perhaps? Love it. Who, why, when, and how; all these questions pale beside the simple beauty of your delightfully framed story.



  4. Thank you, Doug. I always like to hear what you have to say - always very thoughtful and articulate.