Flash Fiction Friday #8

I call this one, “Waiting.” 
I considered for some time whose perspective to take when I looked at this week’s photo prompt.  The person who just boarded the train?  The cagy looking guy in the ballcap?  The porter?  However, I was repeatedly drawn back to the little boy.  He doesn’t look worried – just oddly trusting and patient as well as a bit curious. 
We never may know why he is in the train station, but this is what I think happened:
James said, “Stay there.  Don’t you move.  Don’t talk to anybody.”  He said he had important business in the city and it was too dangerous for little kids.  He gave me a hug and said he would be back soon.  He never hugged me before. 
Seventeen trains came, but James wasn’t on any of them. 

I had to pee real bad now, but James said don’t move.  A nice lady asked me if I was lost, but I didn’t talk to her.  James said don’t.  It was getting dark, but I didn’t worry.  James said he would be back soon. 
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