Flash Fiction #11

The photo prompt this week was so easy, it was hard - for me.  Because of the way I write, I immediately saw monsters, and murderers, and bears.  (Oh my.)  Too many ideas swirled in my head, and they were all far too predictable.  Frustrated, I stepped outside "the box" and wrote something completely different.

As a lover of spicy food and the 2006 Bayou Bugaloo third place pepper eating contest winner, this is what I came up with...a little comedy for you to enjoy.

DING!  DING!  DING!  Justin threw the partially eaten chicken wing onto the heap of tiny bones in front of him and swabbed at the tears streaming from his eyes then blew his nose into the once clean towel.  

A belch rose from the napalm in his gullet and escaped past numb, red-rimmed lips.

Through the buzzing in his ears, he heard his name called.  Cameras flashed as someone handed him the gilded trophy.  2011 Hot Wing Champ! 

“You look like you’re in pain,” said the Star-Times News reporter.

“Not half as bad as I’m going to feel tomorrow,” thought Justin. 

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