Flash Fiction Friday #10

Kept in the dark and fed bullshit.  Cecily’s eyes blurred with tears as she repeated the old joke.  She had been the last to know about Steven’s affair. 
“I have to work weekends if I want that promotion, honey.”
“It was late, so I slept at the office.”
“Her?  Lisa’s just a friend.”
When Cecily finally had the nerve to look at the photos, she was crushed but knew what she had to do.
She chopped the last of the Death Cap mushrooms picked during her morning walk and added them to the sauce. 
Steven would be eating alone tonight.
This was a hard photo prompt for me - at first.  Suddenly the story just seemed to spew forth, and I finished writing in record time - maybe ten minutes tops.  Funny, when I read this one to my husband of almost 24 years (as I always do), he paled a little and asked where I kept the Syrup of ipecac.  I think I scare him a little…

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**NOTE**  I cheated and changed a word after I submitted this piece.  I hadn't noticed that I used "late" in his first two excuses, so I changed the first one to "weekends"...I think it works better and removes the repetition!  Ooops...