Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flash Fiction #19

For this week, the photo prompt from Madison was a loop of barbed wire.  Coincidentally, this twisted fencing plays a part in my full-length novel (in progress...50K words and counting).  So…I shall share with you another little chunk of the perils of poor Christine.  (PS – I still have no title for my thriller.  I suppose it will come to me in due time.)  By the way, if you missed it, here's a link to the previous posting from the story.

In her frenzied flight, Christine had forgotten about the strand of barbed wire strung across the road.  It caught her mid-shin and she fell forward onto the gravel, her face scrubbing the ground as she skidded to a stop. She clambered to her feet and ran on, her body now screaming with pain.  She could not stop though; the man was only yards behind her. 

Ahead lay the washout.  Christine made a desperate leap across the gap but missed the other side.  She plummeted backwards into the void and disappeared over the side of the cliff with the rushing snowmelt.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flash Fiction #18

I didn't use the photo prompt this week, but it doesn't mean YOU can't!
Here's how to play:

1. Take a peek at Madison's blog.
2. Write your own 100 words.
3. Post on her blog and on Twitter using the #FridayFictioneer hash tag.
4. Read what the other Fictioneers have to offer and comment away!

Here's mine (I'm not sure if I've ever written a dialog before.  I hope it works for you.  My husband said it sounds like a soap opera...sigh) 

“I killed him!” Mark screamed and sat upright in his hospital bed.  “I killed Alan!” 

His arms flailed madly, searching for escape, but the metal handcuffs held tight.  “I KILLED HIM!”

The nurse hurried into his room armed with a syringe.  “Mr. Paulson, you need to calm down.  Lie down and rest.”

“I killed my Alan!  I killed him…I,” Mark’s last words were lost in a spasm of sobs.

“Mr. Paulson.  This will help you rest.  Hush now.  You need to rest now,” said the nurse.


The amber liquid mingled with his blood and muffled his words.

“I killed…my…I killed…my brother…” 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flash Fiction #17

My heart thumped in my chest when I saw the tunnel.  I was scared of its pee-smelling blackness and the hungry thing that lived inside.  But, I had to get the groceries before Momma woke up.  Or else.  Every other time, my big brother Kyle had been with me.  Today I was on my own.

I ran in fast but slipped on something wet.  I heard gurgled breathing behind me and scrambled to my feet.  I ran and ran.  Then I was back in the sun.  I was safe...  

The list!  Where was it?  I dropped it in the dark...

See for the weekly photo prompt.  Read what the #FridayFictioneers have to offer on her blog and on Twitter!  

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Flash Fiction #16

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”  Diane dropped the final congratulatory card and watched it see-saw down to the river’s surface with the others.

Retirement was supposed to be this unlimited, amazing free time to indulge hobbies, travel, and complete long neglected projects.  For a while it had been fun, but now… 

With no family, no job, no friends, no plan, she felt so…so useless. 

What good was a new day…a new life…when one had no purpose?  What was left when one became obsolete?  Diane took a step and followed the cards over the edge.