Flash Fiction #18

I didn't use the photo prompt this week, but it doesn't mean YOU can't!
Here's how to play:

1. Take a peek at Madison's blog.
2. Write your own 100 words.
3. Post on her blog and on Twitter using the #FridayFictioneer hash tag.
4. Read what the other Fictioneers have to offer and comment away!

Here's mine (I'm not sure if I've ever written a dialog before.  I hope it works for you.  My husband said it sounds like a soap opera...sigh) 

“I killed him!” Mark screamed and sat upright in his hospital bed.  “I killed Alan!” 

His arms flailed madly, searching for escape, but the metal handcuffs held tight.  “I KILLED HIM!”

The nurse hurried into his room armed with a syringe.  “Mr. Paulson, you need to calm down.  Lie down and rest.”

“I killed my Alan!  I killed him…I,” Mark’s last words were lost in a spasm of sobs.

“Mr. Paulson.  This will help you rest.  Hush now.  You need to rest now,” said the nurse.


The amber liquid mingled with his blood and muffled his words.

“I killed…my…I killed…my brother…”