Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flash Fiction #24

This country life is growing on me.  I am becoming the literal Susie Homemaker.  Yesterday I bought a canning set at the hardware store in town; by this afternoon I planned to be up to my armpits in jam.
My bucket was half full of plump, juicy blackcaps, my fingers and mouth stained with the same, when I heard the snuffling.  The sound of a rutting hog came from the other side of the briar patch.  I peered through the twisted brambles and froze.  It was a sow indeed, but not of the porcine persuasion.
Yes, in a jam indeed…

I missed playing with the #FridayFictioneers the last few weeks.  School, blah blah, life, blah blah, kids on summer vacation, blah blah.  But, I am back this week!  I hope you enjoy my stab at light humor.  And, by the way, I really did buy a jar sterilizer and some pectin yesterday...and noticed that the wild salmonberries are this close to being next week, I probably won't post...again...and my excuse will be, jam, blah blah...

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Flash Fiction #23

I'm not losing steam, fellow Fictioneers, I've been rerouting my energies toward my schooling at University of Washington (I have a final today) and my novel - which I'm proud to say, I completed last night.  (Now...on to the editing and final smoothing...then the search for an agent/publisher.)  In the meantime, I could not resist Doug McIlroy's beautiful picture of Hawaii (Land that I love).  Aloha!

In the early days before the things that crept and crawled on its surface, before the things that soared in its heights and swam in its depths, before man was born to soil its beauty, The Earth knew only water.

Then, there was a rumble deep within its core and The Earth trembled.  A crack split its surface and glowing magma spewed forth.  The Earth healed this wound, but soon more broke open and grew higher into the sea. 
And Pele saw this and said it was good.  

But she did not rest, for there was much more to do.