Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flash Fiction #27

Each year bits of knowledge leaked from her mind.  Drip by drip, she forgot first where she set down her keys or her cup of coffee.  Next it was the pan on the stove unnoticed by all but the smoke detector.  Then, the way to the post office where she had a box for near thirty years.  Finally it was her son’s name and eventually her own.

But she never forgot him, for he was her first and best love. 

In the last days she sometimes would pat her leg and call to him, “Buddy, come here buddy boy.  Buddy…”

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flash Fiction #26

While the human body could only go three days without water, it was capable of surviving for upwards of three weeks without food. Those extreme measures were not yet necessary, so Christine inventoried her stores and opted to eat half of the peanut butter sandwich and the baggie of seedless green grapes. The sandwich would provide fuel through carbs and protein. The juicy sugars of the grapes would give her strength and hydrate her body. She savored every last morsel including the tiniest tart globes and then carefully pocketed her garbage to avoid leaving a telltale sign of her travels.

Above is another hundred word chunk from my *finished* 59,286 word novel.  Read and enjoy.  (I added a tag if you care to read the previous offerings. Click on "Next Steps," the tentative title, to see more).  

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Flash Fiction #25

The parched Arizona highway was void of life less Död and his familiar resting high upon a charred branch.  When Jager took flight, Död followed.  It had been too long and his hunger raged.
Through the windshield of his flat-black Vandenbrink GTO, he spied her.  Worn weary by the road or life...or both, she walked, thumb out, pleading for rescue.  She was young and fresh and perfect for his needs.

Duivel commissioned harvest of the kidneys, heart, and other marketable organs.

Död would get the rest.

His lips smoothed into a tender smile as he halted the thrumming engine. 

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