Flash Fiction #25

The parched Arizona highway was void of life less Död and his familiar resting high upon a charred branch.  When Jager took flight, Död followed.  It had been too long and his hunger raged.
Through the windshield of his flat-black Vandenbrink GTO, he spied her.  Worn weary by the road or life...or both, she walked, thumb out, pleading for rescue.  She was young and fresh and perfect for his needs.

Duivel commissioned harvest of the kidneys, heart, and other marketable organs.

Död would get the rest.

His lips smoothed into a tender smile as he halted the thrumming engine. 

I hope you enjoyed my twenty-fifth installment of flash fiction.  Thank you to Madison for manning the helm. Check out her blog to play with the #FridayFictioneers and don't forget to join the Facebook page for additional updates and information.