Monday, March 23, 2015

Cool waters (100 words)

The water in the birdbath had all but evaporated in the blazing August sun.  I turned on the faucet and filled the concrete basin once the waters drawn up from the aquifer ran cool.

They must have been waiting at the edge of the woods, waiting for me to fulfill their need because they came, one by one.  Drawn by the sound of the spray.  A chickadee, then another, a nuthatch, a towhee, a raven. 

Soon birds were everywhere, unruffled by my presence.  They perched on me, the bushes, the bench.  Waiting for their turn to splash, bathe, and drink. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cuppa Joe (100 words)

Famished people jostled for position by the door.  Joe grabbed a fresh pot of brew and headed to the end of the counter where the old man had sat slumped over his cup for an hour now.  

The intent was not to warm his coffee but to nudge him into paying his bill and making room for someone else. 

‘Sir,” Joe started, but the old man was asleep, one hand tucked under his chin, the other curled slightly around the empty mug. A hint of a smile touched his lips.

The noontime rush could wait.  This seat was still taken.   

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Deep (100 words)

The ocean.  Why did she always return?  Was it the fresh air, the lull of the waves, the feel of sand beneath her feet? 

No.  It was the endless horizon and the bottomless depth.  In a carefully scripted, planned life, she, on some level, relished the theory, the thought, the vision of a vast unknown. 

What lay beyond the edge, beneath this deep?  The wondering fueled her imagination, her dreams.  If fed her desire to do more, see more, get out from behind this life and discover what lay beyond her limitless horizons, beneath the surface waves, into the deep.    

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Barflies (100 words)

They taunted him.  The beautiful women at the bar.
They circled, fluttering their darkened eyelashes, flipping their spicy smelling hair, stretching their painted lips into smiles over hungry white teeth.  They were looking for something, someone, to eat.  They were starving, he could tell.  Starving for affection or attention or one night of warmth.
They swarmed around different men, sampling, tasting, trying all until each honed in on the one that fit their needs.  

But never him.

They didn’t even seem to notice him.  He sat at the bar, alone.  A mere observer of this nightly biological phenomenon.

Unnoticed, untouched…unconsumed.